Therapy for the Neighborhood by the Neighborhood

Healing is what we do

And here’s why we do it…


Let the healing start with you, because when you heal, the neighborhood heals; one person at a time.

“Each one teach one”

“Healing Starts Here”

Individual Counseling

your personal compass in navigating life’s challenges in a confidential space.

Family Counseling

A collaborative space that strengthens bonds and fosters understanding within your family unit.

Couples Counseling

the pathway to reconnect, communicate, and rediscover the spark and strengths in your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Per session:

Individual = $130

Family or Couples Counseling = $150

If utilizing insurance your copay/co-insurance price will vary. Please reach out so that we may give you an accurate estimate. Sliding Scale is available for those who qualify.

Absolutely! If you know what you need and just want to sign up you may also click the link below:

Get Started 

Each provider has a unique way of helping you, but they all have a few things you can expect in common.

Our providers are Non-judgemental, ethical, knowledgable, and can relate in some fashion. Expect to embrace the healing process with the comfort of knowing you are in a safe space.

Yes, We do offer services for Minors.

At this time we are only offering Virtual sessions. We will offer both virtual and in-person therapy sessions soon.